miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2016

My week; Logo

This last two weeks we've been working with inkscape, as you already know. Applying once again what we've learnt, this time we were asked to make a logo, either one that already exists or one designed by us.
I decided making one of my own because I am looking forward to form a band and I think that having the logo already prepared can help me find groupmates.

Hope you like it!


viernes, 4 de marzo de 2016

My week; Potion bottle

This week we've been working with vector graphics, and centered on a certain program, Inkscape. After a very basic use of the different tools, we learned how to apply them to make advanced drawings.

Taking an example from here, I've drawn a potion bottle. As I applied different colours and couldn't decide which one to upload, my teacher suggested to me to make an animation with GIMP adding the four colours.

And this is the result! Judge for yourselves.


viernes, 19 de febrero de 2016


I took the stickman from here! I recommend this page for these type of simple images.

I made the animation with gimp, by repeating several layers with the stickman in different positions.


viernes, 5 de febrero de 2016

Clone and Healing Tool

We've been asked to find out the differences between the Clone Tool and the Healing Tool and prove we what we know through an image we should fix.
This is what I learnt to do:

First of all, let me introduce you to the different tools.

Clone Tool

It copies exactly the frame you select and reproduces it wherever you want.

Healing Tool

It also copies the frame but it has in consideration the place where you are painting by mixing both colours.

My work

Combining these two powerful tools, my results are these:

I decided to remove the litter from a fraction of this river. It's a difficult thing to do when I just learnt how to manage these tools, but I wanted to try. I know the result looks a bit dirty and unrealistic, but I promise my results will be improving with time!


As you can see, I did better this time. I mainly used the Healing Tool because the result of removing freckles with that tool looks far more natural than with the Clone Tool.


And that's it. Hope you've liked it!


viernes, 29 de enero de 2016

My week; Extensions

This week we've working with a few extensions, the very basic ones.
These are three of the extensions we've been working with last week and their pros and cons.



  • 16 million colours
  • Standart format


  • Occupies lots of space
  • Quality gets worse 



  • 16 million colours
  • Supports transparency


  • No animation
  • Can't store multiple images


  • Animation
  • Transparency


  • Poor quality
  • 256 colours

My week; Planets

This week we've "painted" the high school with gimp, you can see my decoration in my last post!

I learnt how to make them look a bit more realistic, and I'm sharing my discovery.

Of course the first thing we need is to make a circle with the Ellipse Tool.

After we make the circle, we click the Blend Tool and choose two colours we fancy.

Combining lots of circles and a beautiful background we get a galaxy! It is really easy to make and it looks different and beautiful.